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About SpinCUBE

SpinCUBE took the traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) model and revolutionized it. SpinCUBE is a Next Generation MSP. The SpinCUBE executive team has over 85 years of combined experience within all facets of Information Technology. It was this experience that allowed for the mission and vision of SpinCUBE to become a reality. Our goal from inception was to truly provide an end to end solution for our clients that would not only provide an exceptional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) experience but also completely alleviate the headache and expense of managing an IT department. SpinCUBE's commitment to our clients and the needs that the ever changing IT world places on them is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Traditional MSP vs. SpinCUBE

Basically an MSP provides an outsourced IT department for small and medium businesses (SMB). An MSP will provide the client an entire professional staff for about the same cost as a single employee.

Traditional MSPs contract with a client to provide labor for IT services to maintain their current Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This service is usually charged at a rate of a specific amount per month for specific devices such as computers, servers, firewalls, and routers. This is accomplished by installing monitoring and remote management software on the clients computers and servers. Engineers at the MSP's offices then remotely monitor and maintain their customer's infrastructure.

Some things to keep in mind (with a traditional MSP) is that the customer is usually still responsible for buying all of the hardware; such as computers, servers, firewalls, routers, telephone systems, security systems, wireless access points, etc. The customer is also responsible for purchasing all the software licenses such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows client access licenses (CALs), Microsoft Office, not to mention anit-virus, backup, disaster recovery, storage software, firewall software, etc.

In short, most MSPs basically only take over as your IT department to save you labor costs. This simply is not enough in this technological age. There were important questions that still needed to be asked when analyzing the traditional MSP model and how SpinCUBE would enhance, modernize and revolutionize this concept:

  1. How can SpinCUBE ensure that our clients are constantly operating on the latest technology? This had to be asked when analyzing every aspect of an IT infrastructure. This includes everything from hardware, software and servers.
  2. How can SpinCUBE eliminate our clients capital expenditures?

SpinCUBE's response to these questions and the Evolution of our Business Model:

SpinCUBE is unique in that instead of outsourcing your IT needs to an MSP, we actually become the clients IT infrastructure.

SpinCUBE DOES NOT require our clients to buy or own anything. We provide (not sell or rent) everything you need to have a 21st century IT infrastructure. You give us a broadband Internet connection and any special software* that you may use on a daily basis and SpinCUBE will provide the rest. A literal ONE-STOP shop for all of your IT needs!

SpinCUBE has remained steadfast in our commitment to provide an exceptional user experience. It is this commitment that keeps us focused on the ever changing technology market. Advancements in technology occur almost daily. All of our clients, large, medium or small deserve the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology to enhance their business operations and to also stay competitive. It also ensures that not one portion of the infrastructure we provide is ever outdated and in turn leads to an optimal user experience. SpinCUBE either at the time of client contract renewal or mid contract if the market dictates, will remove all of the hardware that we initially deployed (tablets, laptops, endpoints, monitors, thin clients) and will upgrade our clients at no additional cost to the latest equipment that is available at that given time. The burden, stress and expense of trying to keep up with the rapidly changing technology market is no longer on the shoulders of our clients.

In short, SpinCUBE provides everything that a business needs to have a 21st century IT infrastructure including all of the hardware, software licenses*, backup and disaster recovery needs, telephone system (including the phone bill). The result is a world class, secure, easy to use, and always modern & green IT infrastructure accessible from anywhere in the world.

It is our clients job to drive revenue through their core business and it is the job of SpinCUBE to make sure that our clients always have the latest and best technology to operate their business.

SpinCUBE - IT Simplified

*Special software licenses we do not provide are just those business specific licenses that customers may already own. Examples would be industry specific third party software not common to other SpinCUBE customers. Common software that is included as part of the service provided by SpinCUBE include Microsoft Server 2008 R2 including any required CALs and RDS licenses, Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise licenses, Microsoft Office Standard Edition licenses, anti-virus/anti-malware software, user and device personalization software, backup/disaster recovery software, single sign-on software, and any other software at SpinCUBE's discretion. Hardware is provided (not rented by or sold by) SpinCUBE and is the property of SpinCUBE to include necessary end points, terminals, client access systems, servers, workstations, printers, network gear, wireless access points, and printers. SpinCUBE retains the right to reuse the client's printers if required and desired by the customer.

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