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The SpinCUBE Revolution!

Traditional approaches to deploying applications—installing them on desktops and servers and managing them across the siloed distributed computing model—has resulted in IT costs spiraling out of control and businesses unable to quickly respond to change. Throwing more servers, bandwidth and networking equipment at the problem is just not working. Virtualization for server consolidation is a good start, but does not address the core complexity caused by installing applications.

The distributed computing model forces IT to manage thousands of desktops and PCs across a far flung enterprise and thousands of servers across multiple datacenters—installing, updating, securing, patching and managing applications and images on each of them independently. IT needs a fresh approach to application deployment.

SpinCUBE allows IT to dramatically simplify this equation by managing ONE—one copy of applications, one copy of Windows®, one copy of server workloads, one password and one instance of data. This doesn’t just apply to ongoing management, it means that when you roll out new applications, desktops, users and services, you don’t have to rebuild the infrastructure to support it—you build it once and leverage it infinitely.

Never again will a company have to spend pain staking hours piece mealing together their IT infrastructure. No longer will a company need to engage 15 different vendors to manage the various aspects of their IT infrastructure. SpinCUBE truly does Simplify IT. The standard End to End SpinCUBE offering consists of the following:


  • Hardware
    •  22 inch LED Flat Screen Monitor (Full HD) or tablet or notebook (Choice of One per User)
    • Wireless Keyboard
    • Wireless Mouse
    • Associated Cables
    • SpinCUBE Client End Point
    • Privatized Cloud Server
  • Software
    • SpinCUBE Virtual Desktop
    • Microsoft Windows 7 *
    • Microsoft Office 2010 Standard *
    • Google Apps - Full Version
    • Anti-Virus; Full Security
    • Anti-Malware
    • Anti-Spyware
    • Back-Ups - All Data Files
    • Disaster Recovery - Immediate start up plans, never lose data
    • Proprietary Uploads
  • Support
    • Installation & Setup
    • Training
    • All Hardware replacements included
    • All provided software support included
    • Initial Proprietary software uploads
    • Account Manager assigned

Optional Phone Service (Please inquire when speaking with a SpinCUBE representative)

* All Registered Trademarks are the property of their respective owners

The Benefits of the SpinCUBE Standard Offering

  • Access from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Centralized Desktop Management & Control
  • Eliminate CAPEX and Covert IT Costs into a Fixed Based Monthly OPEX
  • Optimal & Consistent User Experience
  • Fully Scalable
  • Increased Data Security
  • Desktop Disaster Recover & Business Continuity
  • Always Operate on the Cutting Edge of Technology
  • Hardware Replacement Included
Microsoft Certified Citrix Partner RES Software Fortinet Silver Partner

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